Welcome to iftarME!

Today, we are excited to launch our new project IftarME! 

As Dialogue Society, we have been engaging in diverse community fast-breaking dinners for over 20 years and with IftarMe, we want to play a role in bringing this welcoming spirit even closer to our hearts and into our homes! 

So, what is IftarMe? 

Inspired by the word “iftar”- a fast-breaking meal, IftarMe involves families preparing delicious meals for their guests at iftar, with whom they will then share the fast-breaking experience within their own homes. 

Why is Ramadan important for Dialogue Society?

Through the observation of fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims aim to foster a period of reflection, reunification, and spiritual growth. The personal sacrifice of millions of Muslims abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset is a powerful symbol of unity, and an effort to individually reconnect to God and to the services within one’s diverse community. During this month, one of the many aims of Muslims is to bring their local communities (Muslim or not) together around a shared dinner table, our Muslim volunteers aim to bring this spirit to their local communities here in the UK! 

Thus, as a community-led project, IftarMe aims to promote social cohesion amongst our diverse communities in the UK and anticipates bringing dialogue into our own homes, promoting a positive influence in our local communities.

IftarMe welcomes everyone 

IftarMe is a space for inclusivity, and we are inviting everyone to come together, enjoy good conversation and end their day with a delicious meal.  Through this, we hope to strengthen ties and build resilience between different communities in the UK.

How can you participate?

IftarMe initially intended to involve families preparing delicious meals for their guests at iftar in their own homes. However, we’re aware that with the current lockdowns and restrictions, this is not possible.  Yet, we have seen a surge in people using alternative online platforms to get together. We will be benefitting from this opportunity to get together for the Virtual IftarMe gatherings for this year.

IftarMe initially intended to involve families preparing delicious meals for their guests at iftar in their own homes. However, due to the current lockdowns and restrictions, this year İftarME will take place virtually.

The event will run virtually by the breaking of the fast with dates delivered by us followed by enjoying a meal with a virtually accompanying family. This will allow accompanying families to share the breaking of fast, a unique moment of togetherness despite the differences, distances, or distancing.

If you would like to join, please fill in the form on the website and we will put you in touch with a host family that will warmly welcome you. Virtual IftarMe will allow households to share their Iftar experiences with one another despite the pandemic.

We hope to keep the festive spirit of unity amongst us this Ramadan, and that despite all difficulties which we’ve been facing this may be an opportunity to rekindle our community relations and grow in strength from one another! 

We look forward to hearing your IftarMe success stories! 

About Dialogue Society

The Dialogue Society is a registered charity, established in London in 1999, with the aim of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities, empowering people to engage, and contributing to the development of ideas on dialogue and community building. For more information, please visit http://www.dialoguesociety.org.

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